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Forms and Documents

                     CPRWMA 20 year Cost Savings

Russell County's 2012-2013 Plan of Work

Upper Tennessee River Roundtable's
Trash and Tourism Committee


National Association of Development Organizations (NADO)
Regional Strategies for Environmental Stewardship
See p.28-29

Board of Directors

Buchanan County:
Mr. Jeff Cooper
Mr. Tim Hess

Dickenson County:
Mr. Damon Rasnick
Mr. Ron Peters

Russell County
Mr. Tim Lovelace
Mr. Carl Rhea

Mr. Toby F. Edwards, Director
Ms. Saundra Honaker, Finance


Phone: (276) 883-5403
Fax: (276) 873-6585
Email: tobyedwards@bvunet.net
135  Highland Drive
PO Box  386
Lebanon, VA 24266

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