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In 1992, the Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission's member counties were approached by the PDC's Executive Director, Andrew Chafin, with the question of what were their future plans for management of solid waste. At the same time, the Commonwealth of Virginia, had passed new landfill closure regulations for existing and future landfills in compliance with the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). For many rural counties, the cost was prohibitive. From this initial contact the regional solid waste authority concept was born and Buchanan, Dickenson, and Russell Counties joined the newely created Cumberland Plateau Regional Waste Management Authority. In 1993, the first of the three solid waste transfer station was completed in Dickenson County, closely followed by the completion of the Russell County transfer station. Due to some hurdles and determining an appropriate site location, the Buchanan County transfer station was not completed until 1994. Since it's creation, the Authority has been governed by a seven member board of directors--two representatives from Buchanan County, two representatives from Dickenson County, two representatives from Russell County and one member at large.  In addition, the Authority contracted with the CPPDC to hire a Director of Waste Management to oversee the day to day operations of all three solid waste transfer stations and other related activities. The PDC staff provides support as required.

The Cumberland Plateau Regional Waste Management Authority’s 2004 Regional Solid Waste Management Plan encouraged the hiring of a regional litter prevention and recycling coordinator.  As outlined in the SWM Plan, this position would assist member counties’ litter and recycling offices with increasing the regions recycling rate to meet state requirements.

In August of 2004, the Cumberland Plateau Regional Waste Authority hired a Regional Litter Prevention and Recycling Coordinator. Funding for this position is provide by the three member counties and a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission http://www.arc.gov/

Since the creation of this new position, member counties have met monthly to discuss, plan and implement programs that would increase their county’s recycling rate and address litter issues facing their county.

In August of 2005, the CPRWMA was awarded a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC).  This grant will provide funding for administration of litter prevention and recycling activities within the three counties.  All three member counties have committed to providing match for this grant through program activities and outreach materials.

Board of Directors

Buchanan County:
Mr. Jeff Cooper
Mr. Tim Hess

Dickenson County:
Mr. Damon Rasnick
Mr. Ron Peters

Russell County
Mr. Tim Lovelace
Mr. Carl Rhea

Mr. Toby F. Edwards, Director
Ms. Saundra Honaker, Finance


Phone: (276) 883-5403
Fax: (276) 873-6385
Email: tobyedwards@bvunet.net
135 Highland Drive
P. O. Box 386
Lebanon, VA 24266

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