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Tri-County Litter Prevention and Recycling
The Mission of the Tri County Litter Prevention and Recycling Program is to promote litter prevention programs and to encourage and offer recycling within the three counties that fosters pride throughout the region.

Beginning in the fall of 2004, the three counties agreed to meet monthly to discuss programs and activities.  Each county is represented by their litter control and recycling offices.  From these meetings, numerous programs have been developed. Please visit our Programs link or click here.

The CPRWMA submitted the 2018 Regional Recycling Rate Report to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality in April 2020. As a region, our member counties reported a 18.5% recycling rate. Congratulations goes out to each of the member counties and their staff for this accomplishment--Thank You!!!  

CPRWMA Member Counties
 Litter and Recycling Contacts:

Buchanan County Litter Control and Recycling Office
Mr. Richard Lee, Litter Officer, AAH Coordinator and Recycling
P.O. Drawer 950
Grundy, VA 24614
Telephone: 276-935-4574 or 276-935-6106
Richard's email: buchlitter2@buchanancounty-va.gov

Dickenson County Litter Control and Recycling Office
Mr. Lester Tuner, Litter Officer and Recycling Coordinator
Mr. Eugene Mullins, Litter Officer
Main Street Courthouse
P.O. Box 1098
Clintwood, VA 24228
Telephone: 276-835-8806 or 276-926-1676
email: dclc@litterctrl.dcwin.org

Russell County Litter Control and Recycling Office
Mr. Brian Ferguson, Russell County Solid Waste Department
P.O. Box 1208
Lebanon, VA 24266
Telephone: 276-276-889-8232

Keep Buchanan County Beautiful
an Affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc.
Mr. Danny Davis, Chairman
P.O. Drawer 950
Grundy, VA 24614
Telephone: 276-498-4403 or 276-935-4574
email: sanitation@vmmicro.net

Keep Southwest Virginia Beautiful
an Affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc.
Ms. Carol Doss, Coordinator
P.O. Box 2359
Abingdon, VA 24212
Telephone: 276-628-1600
email: upperTNriver@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.uppertnriver.org/KSVB.shtml

Click here to check out our Tri County Regional Programs.

Board of Directors

Buchanan County:
Mr. Jeff Cooper
Mr. Tim Hess

Dickenson County:
Mr. Damon Rasnick
Mr. Ron Peters

Russell County
Mr. Tim Lovelace
Mr. Carl Rhea

Mr. Toby F. Edwards, Director
Ms. Saundra Honaker, Finance


Phone: (276) 883-5403
Fax: (276) 873-6385
Email: tobyedwards@bvunet.net
135 Highland Drive
PO Box 386
Lebanon, VA 24266

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