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Frequently Asked Questions on
Solid Waste and Recycling

Q. Where can I recycle in my County?

A. In Buchanan County citizens can recycle their old newspapers at the Grundy Shopping Plaza Parking lot.  Large metal appliances can be recycled at the old Hoot Owl Landfill. For Electronics citizens can recycle them at the Buchanan County Transfer Station located at Keen Mountain.  

In Dickenson County both citizens and businesses can recycle their newspapers, white paper, plastic bottles, cardboard and electronics at two location-In Clintwood behind NAPA and in Birchleaf near the intersection of Rt. 80 and Rakes Ridge Road.  For large appliances, citizens are encouraged to drop them off at the Dickenson County Truck Shop in Clinchco.

In Russell County citizens can recycle their newspapers, plastic and cardboard at the Russell County Recycling Center-located near Wal Mart in Lebanon.  Large appliances and Electronics can be recycled at the Russell County Transfer Station.  

Q. What do I do with out dated Computers and Electronics?

A. In Buchanan County, citizens can simply contact their local recycling office at 276-935-6106 or 498-4403 to schedule a pickup.  The E Waste drop off site is located near the Buchanan County Transfer Station at Keen Mountain, VA.
    In Dickenson County, citizens can simply drop them off at the E-Waste recycling site at the Dickenson County Transfer Station.  For those businesses and citizens with large quanities please contact the Litter and Recycling office at 276-835-8806.
     In Russell County, citizens can simply drop them off at the E-Waste recycling site at the Russell County Transfer Station.
For those businesses and citizens with large quanities please contact the Litter and Recycling office at 276-889-8145. 

Q. What is Household Hazardous Waste?

A. Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) can be any cleaning solvent like bleach, cleaners, polishes, abrasives, pool chemicals, oil, pesticides, herbicides, PCB's, both automotive and electronic batteries, gas stabilizers, paint and paint thinners/sprits.  Each year, ourmember counties sponsors a one day HHW event at no cost to citizens.  To learn more and to find out when and where this event will be conducted, please contact your local litter and recycling office.

Q. What can I do with leftover paint?

A. First, check around to see if someone else can use it.  Often youth, school or community groups can use smaller amounts of paint for small areas, or even for craft projects.  What paint that cannot be used can be solidified by removing  the lid and letting it dry out, or by absorbing with sawdust or clay-based kitty litter.  The solidified paint, can and lid can then be put out with the normal trash pickup.  Citizens that have large quanities are encouraged to keep this material for the free Household Hazardous Waste collection events.

Q. What can I do with old paint thinner?

A. Filter it through an old stocking.  The dried stocking and dried paint in it can be thrown out with the trash.  The filtered paint thinner can be reused and filtered again.  If you simply want to dispose of the paint thinner, you will need to bring it to one of the Household Hazardous Waste collection events.

Q. Can I place tires in with my normal trash pickup or in a Green Box?

A. The answer is NO.  Citizens are required to deposit their old tires at the Solid Waste Transfer Station for proper recycling or disposal.

Q. If I recycle paper, do I need to remove the staples?

A. It is preferable, but not mandatory.  During the paper recycling process, the pulp passes through numerous screens that remove staples and other contaminants.  Larger fasteners, such as paperclips and bulldog clips should definitely be removed, and reused.

Q. Which plastics can I recycle?

A. Theoretically all plastics are recyclable.  However, there must be an end market for the type to be recycled, and they must be separated into resin type.  A number inside a triangle of "chasing arrows" on the bottom of each container indicates the type of plastic.  In Buchanan, Dickenson and Russell Counties, you can recycle Plastics #1, 2 and 3.  

Q. What can I do with used motor oil?

A. Waste oil burners are becoming popular, and some are in use in Buchanan, Dickenson and Russell Counties.  Citizens can recycle their motor oil at a local automotive parts store or at their Solid Waste Transfer Stations.

Q. What do I do with old automobile batteries?

A. Most of the automotive parts stores will accept old batteries at no charge.  When you purchase a new battery, most of the vendors require that you turn in your old battery or you can be charge a core fee.    Some local recycling companies will even purchase your old batteries for recycling. Citizens are reminded to handle the batteries very carefully so fluids do not leak out onto the soil or into a stream.  Please contact your local litter and recycling office to determine who in your locality will accept old batteries.

Q. Can I store large numbers of tires on my Property?

A. No!  This according to Commonwealth of Virginia Solid Waste regulations is not a permited disposal practice. Citizens are required to disposit them at their local solid waste transfer station for proper disposal or recycling.  It has been proven that tires make great breeding grounds for mosquito's!!  With the threat of West Nile disease, citizens should not collect or store tires near thier homes. Buchanan, Dickenson and Russell County Transfer Station can take small and large tires at each of the Transfer Stations.  For large quantities please contact the transfer stations prior to drop off-Buchanan County 276-498-4403, Dickenson County 276-835-1024 and Russell County 276-794-7826.

Q. Can I be held liable if someone is throwing trash on my property?

A. Yes, according to the Commonwealth of Virginia, the property owner is responisble for maintaining his or her property.  If you see someone depositing trash on your property then you should contact your local litter officer to stop this practice.  Litter officers do not normally charge the landowner this type of case, but works with the landowner to catch those that are guilty of this illegal practice.

Q. Can I be charged with Littering if trash blows out of my vehicle?

A. Yes, according to Virginia Law, this is classified as an unsecured load and littering.

Q. How much are the fines if I get caught Littering or Illegally Dumping?

A. Fines range from as low as $50 all the way up to $5,000. Some of our localities have enacted tougher litter ordinances that gives the litter officers the ability to pursue civil damages. In these cases litter bugs can be fined up to $5,000 plus court and attorney fees and made to clean the entire dump up at the litter bugs expense.

Q. Who are the people in orange vest cleaning along our highways?

A. In some cases this is volunteers. In addition, Buchanan, Dickenson and Russell counties have adopted the Assign-A-Highway program.  This innovative program utilizes probationers to clean sections of road ways every two weeks. These probationers are assigned by the courts to preform this duty as long as they are on probation.  If a probationer fails to complie with this program, they face jail time.  To learn more about this program visit www.assignahighway.com

Q. How can my office, civic group, community group or club get involved with cleaning our county or recycling?

A. The counties of Buchanan, Dickenson and Russell have many projects that both citizens and businesses can participate.  Events are advertised in the local newspapers and citizens and businesses can simply contact thier local litter and recycling office to volunteer to assist.  Businesses are encouraged to implement programs such as office paper recycling.  

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